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We are a full service production company working with ad agencies and businesses telling and delivering their stories with the power of video

Your news is delivered to 500+ media outlets and 2000+ media endpoints. Major search engines, newsrooms of national and local US newspaper, and content partners and news information systems reaching millions within 24 hours

our mission

Providing Business with Videos that Work

With society’s mass movement to get their information from the Internet and more specifically videos, shareholders and investors are no different. Our program is simple. We take your conventional written press release and transform it into a easy to watch video.

Market Mover Media includes the video link into your conventional written press release delivering your corporate message to investors, professionals, corporate buyers and consumers through our trusted distribution network.

our story

We Have the Pieces

Market Mover Media Video Press Releases are formatted for television news stations which can be easily included as-is in a broadcast segment, which saves the local stations the time and expense to create the content themselves.

Savvy PR Agents and Social Media Marketers know videos receive higher engagement than text-only.

Market Mover Media can provide the missing pieces your company may need when launching a new product or when you want to bring attention to your products or services.

our vision

Providing a Great Value

  1. Deliver your Video Press Release to journalists and media influencers
  2. Gain immediate visibility on search engines & SEO benefits
  3. Be seen on the most recognized news databases and news wires
  4. Get your message published on news sites covering your industry

In today’s video dependent market every company should be utilizing Press Release Videos at least once a month to drive potential clients and customers to their website,

Why choose us

In today’s fast paced society video is the number one source of news and information. Your company’s professional image and message should not be left in the hands amateurs. Whether you have an established brand or launching a start-up you need professionally produced video content, which is why you want to contact Market Mover Media today.

34+ Years of Experience

During the 1980’s the founder of Market Mover Media produced the successful subscription based “Wall Street Journal – Weekly Audio Cassette Report” with Dow Jones & Company

Immediate Widespread Distribution

Delivered to the most recognized news databases and news wires. Gain immediate visibility on search engines & build long term SEO benefits


Our clients, publicly traded and privately held companies are seeing great results

Positive Media

Our expert video production team translates your written message into positive media story.

Let’s work together!

Contact us today to and let us get the word out about your company