Our sister company ArtMoose specializes in the promotion of Artists through Video Interviews

“Live” ArtMoose Artist Interviews at the International Licensing Expo

A compilation of short clips from the ArtMoose interviews streamed “Live” from the Licensing Expo.  The largest licensing event held each year at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas NV.

ArtMoose Interview with Ted Blaylock

Roshelle Baier of ArtMoose, the Official Sponsor of the Art & Resource Center at the Licensing Expo 2014, interviewed world-renowned artist Ted Blaylock.

Blaylock Art was selected for the 1990-91 Arizona Duck Stamp and Arizona Lifetime Trout Stamp in 1994. His print of a South Bald Eagle family n the Salt River Canyon has helped raise funds for the Arizona Nest Watch Program

He was selected to show with the top one hundred Arts for the National Parks and bird in Art, at Leight Yawkey Woodsone Museum.

ArtMoose Interview with Monica Warhol

ArtMoose show host Roshelle Baier sits down with Monica Warhol, cousin of the famous pop artist Andy Warhol, is the celebrity MC at the Edible Art Gala.

Monica has been in a media frenzy over her Kardashian painting.

ArtMoose Interview with Adam Stone

Born into a family of professional painters and sculptors Adam Stone began selling my art work professionally at the age of 17 on the boardwalk in Venice Beach, California. Growing up inside of this hyper creative family provided Adan with invaluable support to pursue all of his creative endeavors.

Adam has been one of the most collected street artists in the US. He has traversed the entire country, consistently participating in no less than 25-30 exhibitions a year cultivating a very large, diverse and loyal following.

ArtMoose Interview with Haiyan 

ArtMoose show host Roshelle Baier interviews artist Haiyan at the Licensing Expo 2014. Haiyan’s favorite subjects revolve around the sea and she beautifully captures the movements and feelings of the ocean in near photo-realistic detail.

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